Most startups fail within the first year because founders can’t optimise desirability, feasibility and profitability

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Have you wondered how to to provide a product or service customers really want? There is no business if you can't identify you unique value. With the Savvy Business Sisters Network you will have access to 1:1 mentoring but also the network to test your idea. Don't be let your startup be one of 42% that fail because they don't have a desirable product or service.


Have you wondered if you can deliver on your idea, or what it will take to scale up or just start? There is no miracle formula but there is a method that gets pretty close to staying in this feasibility optimal zone. The Savvy Business Sisters Network will empower you to execute with precision.


Have you wanted to know how to remain profitable at all stages of the business cycle? Whether you're looking for investment or growth opportunities the Savvy Business Sisters Network will work with you to connect to the right investment channels and get you investment ready.

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  • Pre-release event notifications
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  • Business Matching Service
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  • Business Model
  • Scaling Up
  • Financial savviness advice
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