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  • It’s free.

  • We’ll teach you powerful entrepreneurship mindset and skills sets used globally in startups

  • We’ll teach you how to nail getting your business out of the building

  • We’ll teach you have to save precious time and money

  • You’ll walk away with a solid foundation for your side hustle to build on

What do you get out of it?

  • You will clearly know what problem you’re solving
  • You will clearly know your customer segment
  • You will clearly know the value your business/social impact is imparting
  • You will have a one page visual summary of your business model and can describe it in 60 seconds
  • You will run experiment/s to test your business idea that will give you real data!
  • You will get tools to quickly build your brand pack and get your idea out of the building
  • You will learn how to pitch your idea to get support or investment!

Why you should join?

This is unique program – taught in US startups.

We have distilled 2 decades of business experience and startup education to bring you a program that is free of fluff and complexity.


Our Program Other Programs
6 short weeks with only 2 hours contact12 weeks or more, with 10-20 hours of work!
Facilitator that has business AND education experienceFacilitators usually either just educators or business operators, rarely have they run a business or grown an operation nationally, or have had actual startup experience internationally.
We’re Muslim and we get you!The most diverse space you will find will be for migrant or refugee programs – but we are not all migrants or refugees!
Our program is super condensed to give you a kickstart but you will get the most essential parts nailed first time.Their programs have too much info and too much content for a beginner in the startup space.
You will have only one digital whiteboard where you will do all your work. Nothing more! All your info will be in the one place and it will be yours!They give you complex worksheets, online courses, lots of videos and and and … so you spend lots of time wading through material that you have to make sense on your own. This takes times away from you doing the work you need to do!

6 Weeks at 2 hours session


Melb, Australia

Week 1 || Saturday 23 Jul, 10:00am – 12 Midday

Week 2 || Saturday 30 Jul, 10:00am – 12 Midday

Week 3 || Saturday 6 Aug, 10:00am – 12 Midday

Week 4 || Saturday 13 Aug, 10:00am – 12 Midday

Week 5 || Saturday 20 Aug, 10:00am – 12 Midday

Week 6 || Network and Pitching* (In person for locals, streamed online for those out of Melb)

Saturday 27 Aug 6pm to 8pm | Venue to be decided

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