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Join the Savvy Sisters Network!
Building a community of entrepreneural muslim sisters and get 1:1 Monthly Coaching with the Founders


Victoria's First Muslim Startup Initiative
Startup & Scaleup Advisory
Let Sistrv8 help you solve problems and set strategy. Drawing on our expertise and network, gain the direction you need to advance forward with confidence. Our case studies demonstrate our impact.
Co-Founder Service
No need to be alone on your entrepreneurial journey. With Sistrv8 as a partner you gain wealth of knowledge and energy and elevate the burden, to allow you to focus on what you a good at, doubling your odds of success.
Investment Preparedness
Be Investment prepared. Understand what investors are looking for, develop that killer pitch, navigate negotiations and deal structures. And of course, it needs to be based on halal financial principles.
Tailored workshops with professional facilitation in the areas of leadership, business success, entreprenship and our favourite, side hustling.
Building the eco-system with muslim entrepreneur meetups, we showcase muslim entrepreneurs, creating the space for entrepreneurs, investors, professionals to support each other.
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Why Sistrv8?

“..we empower and elevate Muslim Female entrepreneurs to unleash their potential in starting or scaling their ventures, with business and financial savviness…”

Sam Haouchar 

Where to?

“…Sistrv8 is a social impact startup building the Muslim entrepreneurial eco-system, accelerating the next generation of Muslim female leaders, game-changers and entrepreneurs across South East Asia…”

Aisha Dani

Tackling the CALD female entrepreneural

participation problem

While Australia’s female participation in entrepreneurship is comparatively  high and ranked #7 across the 24 developed economies this still only represents 9.2% of adult female population. 


Being a founder can be lonely, being a Muslim female founder in the Australian entrepreneurship ecosystem is a unicorn. The ‘safe spaces’ for the general female founders are culturally incompatible with our practices. Sistrv8 aim to provide advice, mentorship, and support to those who would largely miss out or are unaware to what is happening in the entrepreneural landscape and how they can participate fully.

Don’t miss out in activating your female entrepreneurial muscle.

Meetups, workshops, & Fireside Chats.

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